Roz is a mother and a practising midwife who believes childbirth is a significant and transformational event in a woman and families life. She has maintained a case load midwifery practice providing continuity of care in public and private health settings, including family homes for the past 22 years. In addition to regularly facilitating Active Birth Workshops with Coast Yoga Centre in Adelaide, she has provided guest lectures and placements for undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery students at two South Australian Universities.



Roz holds a range of formal qualifications in addition to Midwifery, (including Registered Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Lactation Consultant, Family Planning, and midwifery prescribing endorsement / Medicare eligibility). She is politically active and remains convinced that the status and health of women and infants is integrally linked to strengthening cultural, educational, professional practice, legislative and industrial frameworks for midwifery that enable choice, safety, and quality in maternity service delivery for all Australian families.


Roz has engaged with and served on a diverse range of local and national professional, statutory, government and community initiatives to enhance these frameworks. From 2003 – March 2008 she was Joint Midwifery Unit Head for implementation and expansion of public health Midwifery Group Practices at the Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital, then WCH Foundation Midwifery Fellow whileundertaking a PhD that evaluated outcomes, resource use, and health system costsfor women with complex pregnancies in comparative maternity models (2016).


Roz has previously held practicing rights at a number of SA maternity hospitals. She currently has academic tenure at Flinders University where she researches and teaches in the undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery programs. Roz is a past National Director on the Boards of the Australian College of Midwives and the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council, and a current member of the SA Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Committee.

(updated August 2016)

Roz Donnellan-Fernandez




Mobile: 0417 851 883