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A woman blooms when she is expecting, so the name, Blooming in Adelaide® seemed like

a natural choice for this special time in a woman’s life.


Being an IBCLC, I have been working privately with new families for over 10 years, solving all manner

of simple or complicated Breastfeeding Challenges, as every mother-baby dyad is different. I furthered my skillset in 2011 and completed a Certificate IV in Doula Services with the Australian Doula College. I am also a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with Placenta Benefits Ltd (2012), and a Certified Bereavement Doula (2013) with Stillbirthday.


My role as a Doula is dependent on the individual woman, it is whatever the mother needs or wants at the time.


I offer birth & breastfeeding planning, labour and birth support, and provide unbiased information. I will remain with you at your birth however long or short the duration, and in any birthing environment.


Postnatal care at home includes, solving all manner of breastfeeding challenges, newborn sleep & settling techniques (without using controlled crying), general day to day babycare, physical & emotional support, errands, light housekeeping and cooking


I have supported women in a variety of births, both at home and hospital. I am also a mother of five children, four earthside and an angel baby.



Rebecca Kubenk  (Birth, Bereavement & Postnatal Doula)

Blooming in Adelaide®