Introducing Marijke Eastaugh, Midwife, Lactation Consultant


My journey in becoming a Midwife started as I watched the five heavily pregnant women at Yalata Aboriginal Community go about their business. At the time I was a Registered Nurse and Ceduna was 3 hours away, so I tried to remember what I’d learnt about emergency birth.



My thinking in that light globe moment was, “I’ll become a Midwife and do homebirths. I had studied Shiatsu in a brief course and a more holistic pathway of practice beckoned.


I believe birth to be a natural process. I grew up overseas until 12, my mother is Dutch my father was English, I assumed all women had the same choices as these countries! I did my Midwifery Certificate at the Queen Victoria Hospital, Rose Park. I then apprenticed myself with Fiona Kemp and other Midwives as the opportunity arose. By the 7th birth and newly pregnant myself I felt ready to be main Midwife. This was in 1987 and ever since I have had a passion about women’s choices to birth at home or have the same Midwife for continuity of care no matter where you birth.


Recently I have jumped the hoops to become an EligibleMidwife, finally I can order tests and prescribe within my scope of practice. My collaborative partner is Andre’ Klomp and I use Mt Barker Hospital as my back up facility. I am working at getting admitting and practicing rights here. I am well networked having spent 14 years in a job share position as Community Midwife for Mt Barker Health service.


Breastfeeding is another passion of mine and I dovetail this into my private practice. I have an interest inankyloglossia. I became an IBCLC in 1992 and have maintained this credential.


To grow, birth and feed your baby, women have been doing this for thousands of years and it is my sacred privilege to work alongside you on this journey.


I live in Macclesfield and birth with women in the Adelaide Hills. I use a back up Midwife for homebirths and book 1-2 women a month. I am currently vice President of the Australian College of Midwives here in SA.


Any enquires please contact me;



Marijke Eastaugh 



Midwife and Lactation Consultant

Mobile: 0417 845 612

Phone:  8388 9222