Hiring an Independent Homebirth Midwife 



Fees for hiring an independent midwife will vary between providers.   Check with individual providers.  


Not all midwives will be available at the time your baby is due; some are willing to travel considerable distances across Adelaide or outside the Metro area to be with birthing women but others practice more locally.  


Many independent midwives will also accompany women for a planned hospital or birthing centre birth.


Please contact the midwives directly for more information about individual skills and services offered. Remember that the relationship you develop with your midwife will be a close and personal one - we encourage you to speak with several care providers to ensure that you select the one you feel most at ease with and who best suits the needs of you and your family



Photo by Victoria Berekmeri 


Your independent midwife will:

  • Visit and get to know you and your family during your pregnancy

  • Encourage and support you to make your  own informed choices throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period

  • Carry all of the essential  equipment to stay with you throughout  labour and birth, including emergency medical equipment

  • Arrange hospital care in case of complications in pregnancy and/or labour

  • Visit  in the days and weeks  after birth  as you and your family require and provide post natal support


Independent  Midwives  may  also  provide  other  services including:

  • Lactation consultancy, antenatal information groups and active birth workshops

  • Women's health and contraceptive advice including natural family planning

  • Post-natal depression counselling.