SOUTHERN ADELAIDE (Covering all Adelaide area)

Phone:  0422 021 476



Student Doula-Australian Doula College

One more birth out of three to be qualified as a Doula.  I also attended six births as a midwifery

student, where I learned that I wanted to be Doula, to be hired by the woman and be of service

to her directly, no shifts. 


I offer my Doula services:

  • Introduction & listen to the needs of the Woman and her family

  • Prenatal information and birthplan

  • Attending for labour, birth, and a few hours postnatally to support the mother, father and family as needed.

  • Postnatal visits to help support feeding baby: breastfeeding or formula feeding.

  • Also postnatal support however needed.



Birth has been my world for the last 28 years, and I am talking about my own personal experience. My body grew and fed my ten babies. I started with complete faith in my own perfectly made body. That faith booned and waned at times over the last 28 years. My faith in our exquisite womanly bodies is at full strength. I believe in and trust in a woman's body's ability to nurture, grow, nourish, labour, birth and then feed her babies. I also believe in a woman making the right choices for herself. My purpose as a Doula is to support her in this process. I am grateful to be able to be of service to her, to support her in the journey of empowering herself, to make the choices and decisions surrounding her pregnancy, labour, birthing and feeding her baby, that are right for her, her baby and her family.Each woman is an individual with different life experiences, different expectations and perceptions, and most importantly bodies that respond in a unique way to all these circumstances. It is a privilege to be a mother to my own wonderful children. Being a Doula is a privilege to be of service to other mothers and their families during this sacred time in their lives. .



Dina Mander-Jones  (STUDENT DOULA)

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