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Hello, my name is Celeste I am a doula who specialises in the postnatal period. I work with women who have just welcomed a new life into their family or are expecting one very soon.


Up to 80% of new Mums say they feel anxious and overwhelmed after the birth of their baby and one in seven new mums in Australia suffers from postnatal depression! What if I tell you it doesn’t need to be this way?

Rather than overwhelmed and lost would you like to feel overcome with love, confident and relaxed? Rather than anxious, tired and stressed would you like to feel nourished, supported and fulfilled? 


Relying on modern science and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda I support my clients to have a beautiful, healing postnatal experience.  I believe that as important as the birth is, it is only the very beginning of the story. 




Celeste Martin 

Cherish Postnatal Services