Birth Pool and TENS Machine Hire 


Most independent midwives will provide their own birth pool, however some families prefer to hire their own.  Women who are birthing with the midwifery-group practice homebirth programs will generally need to hire a birth pool if they want a water birth

Adelaide Birth Pool Hire  (and TENS Machine Hire)



Phone:     0432514772

Services:  All areas in Adelaide and surrounds


Birthing pool hire for use during labour and birth, in the home and hospital settings.

Pools include 'La Bassine- Made in Water' and 'Birth Pool in a Box'.


Obstetric TENS Machine hire is for a period of 1 month and includes everything you need for use in your pregnancy (for back pain), labour and birth and for after-birth pains. $60 for 1 months hire (electrode pads included).