We are a group of people - women, mothers, support people, fathers, families, siblings and so much more! - who consider homebirth a safe and natural way of birthing.





About Us

We recognise the rights of women to choose how and where they birth their babies. We believe this is a fundamental right for all women especially in a time where birth is becoming increasingly medically managed and women's birthing power is diminished.


Birth is a normal, healthy life-giving event and will occur naturally in the vast majority of women, just as ovulation, menstruation and conception generally occur naturally without medical management.


Through our website and Facebook page we provide information and resources aout homebirth including information on how to plan homebirths, birth stories and research articles.  We also provide the details of midwives, doulas and midwifery group practices that offer homebirth in South Australia.  


The Homebirth Network of SA has always been a volunteer-run group.


For more information please email  homebirthsa@gmail.com or visit  www.facebook.com/homebirthsa